1B. Basic Metallurgy of Aluminium (English)

The course provides a compact introduction to the important points in metallurgy and metal physics of Aluminium and its alloys.

It introduces the basic atomic crystal-lattice structure and microstructural features, the thermodynamic basis of alloys, like phase-diagram, solidification and segregation issues. The principal basic structural effects of crystal-lattice defects are introduced, such as foreign atoms & vacancies, dislocations, grain boundaries and precipitations. These defects explain the diffusion in the crystalline lattice structure and the principal strengthening mechanisms in Aluminium alloys. These are

  • Alloy- & solid solution hardening
  • Plastic deformation & strain hardening
  • Softening mechanisms like recovery and recrystallization
  • Precipitation & age hardening

The course provides the necessary physical information for a basic understanding of Aluminium and the specific properties of the different Al-alloys, including its designations and tempers. It addresses some aspects of metal processing and fabrication of semis (castings, extrusions, rolled plate & sheet) and of Aluminium products and applications. It gives further information on other internet info and e-learning tools available, like : “AuMatter”, “AluSelect”, and the “EAA Aluminium Automotive Manual AAM”

This provides the necessary basic information and understanding of Aluminium, its alloys and their specific properties, metal processing and various applications.

Docent: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hirsch

Target groups: engineers, technician, academicians and students

Dauer: 120 Minuten + Fragen & Antworten

Verfügbare Termine
28.05.2024 10:00
11.06.2024 10:00
25.06.2024 13:00
09.07.2024 13:00
23.07.2024 10:00
06.08.2024 13:00
20.08.2024 10:00
03.09.2024 10:00
17.09.2024 10:00
01.10.2024 13:00
15.10.2024 10:00
29.10.2024 10:00
12.11.2024 13:00
26.11.2024 13:00
10.12.2024 10:00
1B. Basic Metallurgy of Aluminium (English)


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